Bright Choices Case Studies


More and more companies in and around Lancaster County are seeing the benefit of introducing the Exchange concept to their employees. While each company faced its own challenge when it came time for renewal, Bright Choices was a welcomed solution. Below are just a few of the case studies.

Flexible Coverage for Diverse Needs
North Museum of Nature and Science

Getting Ahead of the Curve
Precision Cut Industries

Streamlining Business, Educating People
Housing Development Corporation

Promoting Transparency, Responsibility
Stoner Bunting Advertising

How Benefits Experts Do Benefits

Controlling Costs, Offering Choices
Linden Hall

Putting Choice in Employees’ Hands
K & W Tire

Taking Care of Our People
United Zion Retirement Community

One company, Hometown Provisions introduced Bright Choices to their employees in 2013. Read their thoughts as they look back at the initial enrollment and program management over the past year.

But what are the employees saying about Bright Choices:

“I appreciate the range of options, and I like that the HSA rolls over from year to year, as opposed to an FSA.”

“The fact that we have all those choices is terrific. We can make decisions based on our own needs.”

“I had a choice rather than ‘this is what we have so this is what you get.’ I really appreciated that there were a lot of choices and that they worked with you to find the right one for you.”

“The on-site representative demonstration was the biggest component of success for the onboarding process. It was a great example of how a one-on-one connection and personal attention can really make a difference.”