Bright Choices White Papers


A variety of concepts and economic principles help shape Liazon’s new consumer-centric benefits model. We periodically produce whitepapers and other articles that help explain the philosophy behind our products and service.

Medical Plan Preferences in an Environment of Choice

When it comes to making insurance choices, consumers are open to restrictions in provider access in exchange for lower premiums. Liazon’s latest white paper, “Medical Plan Preferences in an Environment of Choice,” this finding provides insights into the preferences of employees who participate in private health care exchanges. It also confirms that employees are willing to use in-network providers and referral-based medical plans when provided with a robust choice of plan designs.

Shopping for Benefits On the Private Health Exchange: The Rise of a Smarter and More Empowered Health Care Consumer

Read the results of an independent study conducted by Phoenix Marketing of Liazon’s Bright Choices customers and employee users.

What Everyone Ought to Know About the Healthcare Exchange Process

The wave of healthcare insurance changes coming across the business world is sure to make the upcoming enrollment season a challenging one. However, with an effective private exchange model, and with the help of qualified brokers as advocates for both employers and employees, the transition to the new era of buying benefits can be a positive development for everyone. Read more. View the infographic here.

How will Buying Insurance Change in the next Five Years?

In the next five years, there will be a whirlwind of change, including the introduction of exchanges, competition and choice. Read how businesses are preparing by offering choice and flexibility to their employees through a private exchange. View the infographic here.

Why Business Owners Everywhere are Transforming How They Choose Health Benefits

Every year, business owners and HR personnel are tasked with evaluating the company’s health care plan. Every year, the process becomes more and more oppressive. With Bright Choices Private Exchange it doesn’t have to be that way. Read how it can work for you. View the infographic here.

Private Health Insurance Exchanges: What Are They and What Makes Them Successful?

There are a number of business models among private exchanges on the market today. This paper discusses the variations among private exchanges, including individual exchanges, group exchanges, and hybrids of the two. Regardless of the model, the elements that make an exchange successful include funding, inventory of products, decision-support and end-to-end service.

Making the Health Insurance Exchange Work

A great deal of the health insurance policy discussion today, and the reform proposed based on that policy, centers around the idea of consumer choice — providing individuals with options as a way to stimulate competition and reduce costs. In conjunction with this concept of choice is the idea that Americans will buy their coverage on a Health Insurance Exchange. Choice of health insurance will help bring down the cost. We know that when individuals make their own purchase decisions about their health insurance, they tend to pick lower cost coverage.

Healthcare Sustainability

Employers tend to overspend on medical insurance, thereby over-insuring most of their employees. It stands to reason that an employee’s needs could be better served by a benefits marketplace where they can select their own plans and coverages. Offering a benefits exchange with guidance and assistance will cause a fundamental change in the way health care insurance is purchased and used.

Consumer-Centric Employee Benefits: Economics 101

Consumer-centric employee benefits represents a fundamental shift in the focus away from passive benefits participation and toward a model in which benefits consumers, that is employees and their families, take a more active role in choosing and using their benefits.