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Planning & Implementation

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Compensation Plan Ranges and Job Classifications

As the gap between the demand for talent and the supply of strong, qualified employees continues to expand, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that your organization has a compensation plan that is both externally competitive and internally equitable. We can develop and assist in the implementation of a quality compensation plan that attracts, rewards, incents and retains top performers.

Sample of Training Sessions

A common issue facing employers is managers and supervisors who do not possess the leadership skills, knowledge or experience required to perform effectively in their roles. We offer training opportunities at your location to managers and supervisors of every competency level to assist them in developing or fine tuning the leadership skills, qualities and knowledge they need to be successful leaders for your organization.

Examples of Leadership Training Sessions Offered by StoudtAdvisors

  • Hiring Right: Effective Recruiting Practices
  • Anti-Harassment
  • Coaching & Motivation: Preparing Your Team for Success
  • Appraisal & Discipline Processes: How Effective Performance Management Contributes to the Success of Your Organization
  • Key Employment Laws: What Every Manager Needs to Know
  • Keep Your Best: Key Retention Strategies
  • Top 10 Ways to Get Sued
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